Imagining a better and more positive world for kids.

kid the future

Kid the Future was created to empower kids to be confident, kind, and smart.

Using positive content, social media engagement, and apparel, we encourage children to live their young lives to the fullest, embrace differences, and to never give up on themselves or their goals and dreams.

Our hope is that we can help kids feel supported and inspired to work hard, share positivity, and persevere through challenges.

Kid the Future is imagining a better, healthier, and more positive world for our children to grow up in. 

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A healthy self-awareness and belief will power us through life and enable us to make good decisions for ourselves and those around us.


The Golden Rule is the most simple breakdown for this: treat people how you want to be treated. Kindness and respect is good for your soul.


In an ever-changing world, it's important to be prepared, flexible, and willing to meet the challenges of the day. Smart is fun and cool.


Our mindset and outlook will shape and impact every decision we make. Positivity can bring focus and reduce stress and anxiety.